Saturday, July 22, 2017

I Am an Author ~ Success Mindset

I am an author.  I write for others people's reading enjoyment.  My cozy mysteries have just the write recipe of warmth and danger sprinkled over a heart-warming, Christian character who has flaws just like you and me.

   Hmmm... If you're wondering about those first few words, let me explain.  I recently listened to an interview of writing coach, Jennifer Blanchard.  She talked with Lorna Faith about story structure and success mindset - how we should imagine ourselves already having reached our goal rather than chasing it.  She said if we were always thinking about the goal we haven't reached, we see ourselves as always falling short.  To be honest, the whole thing sounded pretty hokey to me.  I can't speak myself into the existence of being a prominent mystery author.  That wasn't her point, though.

I dug a little deeper into her idea.  She wasn't saying to speak yourself into your goal.  What she said was to act like you already had it.  If I am an author who has a readership, I'd better sit down and write, and my character better fit the bill.  I would be working on my platform on a regular basis.  I would be considering the best marketing strategies.  It still sounded a little off to me, but I decided to take that approach.  Here I am working on my platform, and Sarah Stone is 2100 words closer to solving the murder in Santa Marie.

I approached another goal of mine with the same mindset.  That goal would be to host art retreats in our home for women going through cancer treatments.  What would a retreat host do?  Well, she'd be planning projects, cleaning her house, and working out the details of a retreat.  I just played with those ideas in my mind.  In other words, the house is still dirty.  But, think about it.  If I were doing those things on a daily basis, I would be moving a lot closer to the goal - same as the writing.

You can find the podcast HERE.  What goal are you working on?  What are you thoughts about Jennifer's success mindset?  I would love to hear what you have to say!

God bless.

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