Friday, December 30, 2016

Why Are We Here?

I love to write, and I dream of bringing stories to the world one of these days!  I am on a writing journey, and Brush and Plume just happens to be my journal of the trip.  I am not an expert author who is sharing tips on writing your breakout novel.  Instead, I am a writer who wants to document the journey and share things I find along the way.

So, just what is Brush and Plume?  It happens to be the name of Sarah Stone's book store and art studio...and who is Sarah Stone, you ask?  Ok, maybe you didn't, but she's my character that will be taking this journey with us.  She and I struck out together this November for NaNoWriMo - to write a novel in a month.  We didn't make it.  I had graduate school to finish, and she had plot holes - lots of them.  We did make progress, though, so we're celebrating!

Along the way, we found WritersHelpingWriters.  The site offers all kinds of information for new, as well as veteran, writers.  Check out their Top 5 Posts for 2016.  The posts are packed with great information.

So, back to why we are here.  I know there are others taking the same journey to write their first novel, or some sort of writing venture.  I also know those of you on this journey are searching for information, tips, ways to improve, and some sense of community with others just beginning.  I'm on the hunt for all of these things, and I thought sharing what I find might help someone else along the way.

Pull up a chair in the Brush and Plume and stay awhile.  Share your thoughts, your questions, your ideas, or just a little inspiration for someone else!

So, what are you writing?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Welcome to Brush & Plume - Where the Writing Journey Begins

If you are a reader of my blog at Sherry's Cabin, just think of this is another room at the Cabin.  If you have stumbled on this blog looking for information about becoming a writer, we can take the journey together.